Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reflective Drawing

         For this piece I decided to use a picture I took of thumbtacks and its case. I chose this because of its' "reflectiveness" and the colors the tacks had. Once I had my idea I practiced drawing and coloring the picture.  The video we had watched prior to starting also helped me know where/how to start. The lady from the video gave me the idea to trace the image's outline so I could have a basis to start my coloring with. Also, so I wouldn't have to worry about whether or not the drawing was accurate enough.

Original Picture

Start to the End
          After getting the outline, putting on the colors was pretty easy. When I was doing the reflective parts of the drawing you couldn't really tell if the tacks were inside the box or outside. With the advice from my teacher I made the colors more lighter or darker and added a shadow to the thumbtacks so the image would look more like it was popping out. I also put on some purple and blue on the thumbtack case so it wouldn't look plain. From the two images below you could spot the differences from before I added more dark shadows to the one after I added them.

        Other problems I faced was coloring the table because it didn't look like it was colored or blended well, so I just kept coloring it brown and adding shadows and highlights. Eventually the piece was looking good.
         This Project taught me how to use prisma colored pencils better. Before when I used these colored pencils I didn't push myself with darkening or highlighting certain areas. Also, on layering the colors. By learning how to layer and blend the colors the piece began to have more depth and was looking better with these improvements. Pushing myself to put more extreme values of color and not just mid range values helped me improve in this media. Also, with what I learned in this project I started to apply it to my other projects. As you look at my other works.

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