Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Animal Study - Tarsier

For this project I chose to do a tarsier using colored pencils for my animal study This animal is native to the southern islands of Asia. I wanted to draw this animal because it's not an animal everyone knows of. Before starting I knew that coloring the fur in would be one of the hardest parts of the piece because using the right technique for coloring the fur in would give the best results.

Start to the End
I started by getting an outline of the picture.Then I thought I should do the background first before actually doing the animal. After the background was done, the animal was next. It was hard to start at first but as I knew what strokes worked best, the rest was easy. I decided to draw two tarsiers so I would be doing an original piece and not copying some pictures exactly. These two pictures (Top & Right) were the pictures that inspired my work, but by adding my own image of how their environment looks like, the piece looked more original. Overall the final piece looked really good. The background and foreground was good, however the mid ground of the piece was my least favorite part because the transition from the front view to the back did not seem smooth. Other than that I thought this piece was wonderful.

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