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Sculpture Artist - Livio Scarpella

Livio Scarpella is a contemporary Italian sculptor who has carved out sculptures of ghostly veiled souls from stone. These pieces were "influenced by the famous veiled sculptures that rest in the Cappella Sansevero, a chapel in the historic center of Naples, Italy." I picked this artist because knowing that it was carved and not molded seemed amazing to me because carving out a piece of stone into a person rather than forming clay to a person looked harder to me. Also, the detail in the pieces looked really realistic and as you look at the pieces you can sense that they are in pain and yet peaceful or that something is sucking the life out of them, which is probably the stones. The stones I thought looked unfitting at first but as I looked at the description and the piece more the stone actually did go well with the overall piece.

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Lidded Jars 
3 Mini Jars
These were mini jars we made. For each jar we had to a certain type of lid for it. One that would hang out of the jar. One that would keep the lid from falling off and just kept it still. And one that would fit in the jar. Also, for each lid I designed a different handle. After the jars and lids were fired, I wanted to glaze it to give it sheen.

Bigger Jar
For this lidded vessel I got the idea to use strips of clay and combine it together from a classmate I saw, who made one in a previous art class I had taken. I liked how hers' had spaces that weren't filled . For the lid part of the vessel I just thought of forming a top that would just go on top of the vessel. Then as I was doing it I wanted a better design so I cut out rectangles from each side. Then I took those cut out pieces and used it to form my handle.

The Problems & Successes:
After I was putting on the strips of clay on the mold and had let it dry for a little, I saw that the pieces looked like it could easily break. So I decided to add more pieces of clay to the parts that looked too thin. A success I had with the piece was the making the lidded part of the vessel because I liked how the design turned out. Also, I liked how the handle part looked.

Wearable Art
For this project the story that I wanted to show for this project is about The Giving Tree. As a kid this was one of my favorite stories. I first sketched out a tree then had it able to separate into rings. This would show the part of the book where every time the boy asked for something the tree would give a piece of itself to him. I wanted to use clay for this project because it would show the best texture when making the tree.

The Problems:
When I was designing the piece it seemed easier to create, but as I worked on it it was pretty tricky. For example, when I was making the trunk of the tree I couldn't get the design I wanted, so I just kept working on it and then added some texture, which made it look a whole lot better. After the trunk, cutting out the rings and making it form the tree piece was harder to do because if the rings weren't able to stand the piece as a whole wouldn't look like a tree.


"Me + T"

When creating the design for this piece, I got the idea of making something with a sword and a stone concept. I got this idea because for every art class I've had my brother would suggest me doing a piece that had something to do with it. So I had him come up with a simple design and based my piece off of that. For the design that the sword would have I looked up some patterns that would fit the sword. I decided not to carve out a design for the entire blade part because I thought it would be too much.

reference for the design

While I shaping out the sword I originally wanted it looking like a fossilized piece, but I asked if I should trim it off or keep it. They said to trim it so I decided to to that. However, I didn't trim it all off because I still wanted that feeling that it was once stuck in the ground or stone. On coloring the sword I asked what colors would be good and a classmate said to use some bright colors. I took that advice into consideration and made the handle part bright colors. But I decided to make the "rock" or outer part blackish gray.

Unconventional Material - Merry Go Round

The Creation
When I got the original CD for my unconventional I first thought of creating a Ferris Wheel, but then I came up with the Merry Go Round concept, I went with it. I used my own unique ideas in my work when I created the horses out of wire, a material I have been able to use and get the hang of throughout this semester. Also, for creating the top of the of the merry go round I got the idea to use the tape/film of the CD. My source of inspiration for my ideas were inspired when I was looking at horse and merry go round pictures for references and came across one that was made of wire. This helped developed my concept.

Reference Picture

The Skills
During this project I used a drill, a material I never used for a project. I used the drill for making a hole in the CD so I could put the poles for the merry go round. When I was using the drill it took me awhile to create the holes because I wasn't using enough pressure, but as I practiced a little with a piece of wood, I got the holes I wanted without breaking the CD.

film strips

the roof before I trimmed it

The Risks
When I was making the top of the merry go round out of the film was a risk. This was because as I was gluing the strips together I thought it wouldn't work out and not make the form of a typical top of a merry go round. Along with that I didn't how to keep it standing up. But as I experimented with some tape and glue I got it to stay up. Also, I added more support by wrapping around some of the film around the wire that is holding up the roof of the merry go round. This risk I took helped the piece turn out awesome.

"Merry Go Round"

Survival Sketch

Bryant HolsenBeck

Before Visiting Artist:

Bryant Holsenbeck is an environmental artist that uses everyday objects to make art. She first started as a basket maker who later evolved to an artist making big installation pieces that uses "waste." I expect to meet a person that loves art and will teach us a new way to be environmental friendly, yet still make interesting art pieces. For the projects I think starting it may be difficult at first, but as I get the hang of it, I think the project will be fun. The animal I thought of doing were either a walrus or a monkey because I like these animals. The walrus because of its' shape and tusks. The monkey because it's fur and how it has a tail.

Favorite Work:

Animal Plan:

After Visiting Artist:

-          How did your expectations line up?
Coming into the project I thought it would be fun, but difficult to do. When I actually started the making the body from wire was easy to do, but as we started to put bags, string, and fabric it got harder. As I kept going I started to recognize the shape and it started to look better and by the end this experience was great.
-          Struggles faced & problems
The problems I faced was when putting on the fabric and string because sometimes it wouldn’t hold in place so I had to add more string and that process had to repeat for quite some time.
-          Successes in the piece
The successes in the piece are how everything turned out in the end from the shape of the monkey to how it looked like. Specifically, for the ears I added a folded up piece of fabric and placed it inside the fabric wrapped on the head. I was trying to create a bulge on the sides of the head so it could be ears and it looked pretty good.  

In Progress


The Creation
For this project I used my own ideas to create my work by that when I began, instead of copying the vessel I wanted to do, I ended up using wire for creating my piece. I envisioned a piece where every space wasn't necessarily covered. It covered just enough for the vessel to hold or carry something. Also, the design I came up with was using the wire in a back and forth motion so it would have a zig-zag design. 
This vessel was inspired from an ice cream cup. I looked up many pictures for inspiration and I ended up picking this one.....

With this image and my idea of using wire I was ready to start.

The Skills
In beginning this project I wasn't really good in using this material. So I first practiced on combining the wire with the help of my hands and pliers. For this project I only used wire so I wasn't improving my skills with any other materials. I was doing a project where it was like I didn't know anything, but with some help with my teacher, I gained a new skill. This project helped me develop some skills with wire because I would later end up using it on my unconventional project.

The Risks
When I was close to finishing my vessel piece, I knew something was missing because to me the piece looked kind of plain. So I took a chance, for the piece to be able to hold something and not just make the items fall through, I wrapped some wire around it looked better. I was afraid of doing this at first because usually when I keep adding things to a piece it ends up not looking good. After that, the vessel still was missing something, so I took another chance. For the rim I decided to cut it off, so it would be able to bend. The design it ended up making looked like the sun. 
Here's what I mean...




Artists Create Original Art:
For this project I used my own ideas by using my own knowledge of origami and applied it in my art. When I was in 3rd or 4th grade my art teacher taught us how to make paper boxes. I used the boxes to create my design on the base. When I started to glue on the boxes I had no plan on the design and was just basing it off where it would look best. After I got the design, it started to look like a 3-D map so I decided to color the boxes green (symbolizes the land) and blue (symbolizes the water).

Artists Solve Problems:
When I was putting on the boxes and started to color the boxes and base I ended up coloring in a way that I didn't like. This meaning that for the sides of the boxes I colored some of it blue when it was supposed to be green. So in order to fix it I made the blue appear as waves surfacing/crashing into the land. This mistake and solution that I came up for it made the piece even better.

Global Awareness:
Before starting this project, the class watched some origami videos. The pieces these artist's made were amazing and I couldn't believe they worked with only one piece of paper. Also, some of them didn't even cut the square piece of paper or use any scissors. These videos taught me that there are a lot of people who are taking origami to the next level with just one piece of paper. These amazingly talented people inspired me on some of the ideas I incorporated in my origami piece. Even though using one piece of paper to create such detailed works of art may be intimidating, the results can be tremendous.


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