Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Art IV - Proj. VII


For my 7th project I chose the theme "Imagine the Impossible." I chose to use water soluble oil paint as my medium. I got my idea when I was looking around AC Moore for some inspiration. While I was looking, I found a stamp that had a design with kids. As I saw it I got an idea, my piece would focus on the kids and surrounding them is a blue background with a shooting star off in the distance. Since people usually make a wish when they see a shooting star, this would symbolize the kids hopes and dreams for the future, no matter how "out-there" it is.

The Stamp

In Action & Results

When I started I didn't have an ink pad so I used the oil paint. However, I couldn't get the stamp the way I wanted the first few tries. But as I got it I placed the background and added a cloud that was around the kids. I wanted this piece to look dream like and simplistic so it would give off a feeling of nostalgia, when people were kids and thought the impossible. I like the simplistic look and coloring of the painting. Also, the composition.

For improvements I would probably make the cloud that surrounds the kids look more better. Also, a little more detail on the shooting star and stars in the sky.

Art IV - Proj. VI


For my 6th project I did a paper sculpture. I thought of doing a piano because while I was planning my 5th project the idea came to me. The theme was "Layer it On" because I was layering paper as I was building the piano sculpture.


In Action & Results

When I began working it took a while for me to start because I didn't know how to start it. But then as I started to look at piano references that's when I was getting on a roll. First, I made a Template of the piano and then used white paper and glue to make the sculpture. At times it was hard to get the paper in the form I want but with patience of letting the glue dry the sculpture eventually looked like a piano. After I finished the piano, I was contemplating whether I should leave it white or put a black finish on it. With some advice I decided to put black by cutting a cheap black folder into a piano shape. The finished project looked really good even though this project took a little longer to do compared to my other projects.
If I were to do this again I would do the piano keys more to scale because in this one it looked too big. Another thing is that I would redo the legs of the piano since it looked crooked.

"The Piano" - title 

Here you can see the inside of the piano. I used the template to get the shape. then I cut it based on a reference picture I got. After I cut it I painted it with gold and silver. For the stand, I rolled up a black piece of paper and taped it.