Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Print on a Prepared Surface
Multiple Print

In this assignment we made multiple prints. I decided to make a design of a pocket watch falling with leaves. I used many different kinds of printing ink as I was printing.There were many prints I ended up making, but the one shown is just one of them.

Medium: Printing Ink and Construction paper

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ceramic Bust

Front View - Ceramic Bust before Color was added

Angled View

This is the ceramic bust I made of pilot elf. The inspiration artist for the ceramic bust is Robert Arneson. I had first started by making a sketch of the bust I would be doing and then I worked with the clay. It was kind of difficult forming the facial features that I wanted, but I got close to it. I added goggles on his head and a jacket so it would look more like a pilot. Later, I added some color to the sculpture. I chose colors that would make the sculpture realistic.

Altered Book



Hidden Message
Cover Page

These are some of the drawings and paintings I did in my altered book. In my altered book, I painted, drew, scratched and such on it for the various assignments we had. One of the assignments was to draw something and make a hidden message using the words in or surrounding the drawing. Another one was to design the cover and the back of the book.

Museum Sketches

The assignment was to draw sketches of some of the sculptures I saw in NCMA. The sculptures were from Rodin. Rodin's sculptures were amazing to look at because of how realistic they were. Also, when I went to the museum I saw many other works of art that were  magnificent to look at as well.

Designed Letter - Calligraphy

Colored Letter                       Original Design
For this project I designed a letter. The arrows and circles form the letter "J." After designing, I scanned the image to Photoshop and added color and gradients to the letter.


In this assignment I practiced calligraphy. I had a sheet that showed how to write each letter. It helped me with each stroke I should be using for each letter. It was kind of hard performing the strokes but as I kept practicing it got easier.

Scratch Board

Photoshop Image
For this piece I took a photograph of what I would be scratching. I used a scratching tool and a scratch board for this project. In this project we were practicing value by scratching away the area that would be white and left the areas that were dark, dark. Later, I used Photoshop to add some color to enhance the image and by using the opacity, it allowed me to use many different colors on top of one another. The outcomes for the projects were pretty good.

Medium :  scratchboard
Scratch Board

Gesture Drawings

For this project I drew some of my classmates that had modeled. I positioned them in different grounds so it looks like some of the models are further from each other. I used different colored markers for each person so there would be more color in the piece. After using the markers I  used water colors and india ink. I decided to not color the whole piece black  because I thought it looked better that way.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finger Painting Self-Portrait

 In this assignment we made a self portrait by finger painting. First we set up our paper by making it have some texture. (we used house paint for setting up the paper) Then, we made a grid, so it would be more easy to know how and where to paint. When I began to paint it felt kind of strange panting with my fingers, but as I kept painting I got used to it and enjoyed it.
The colors I used were mainly different shades of blue and yellow. The outcome of the project was pretty good, I could have done a better job on picking the colors for the light and dark areas.

Photography using a Filter



For this project I took the photo I used in the Resolution contest I had entered in the Fall of 2012. I used Photoshop and tried some filters, but this one in particular looked like it suited the photo. The filter made the image look more "dark," which helped portray the theme I was going for. Since the theme I entered for the Resolution contest was the reality of being hacked, the filter helped show that.

To check out my entry go to


For this assignment we were asked to use a scanner and make any image that we wanted. In this assignment, I gathered up some beads, opened the scanner I own and moved the beads while the scanner was scanning, which gave this effect. While I was scanning I was trying to make it look like the beads were moving. The beads and my hands look like they were deformed and moving, but even though the outcome of the scan was unusual, it intrigued me because of the unusual shapes formed.