Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mint (Collected) Life

The Creation:
When I was thinking of what to do for this project I got the idea to draw camera(s). This would fit in with my concentration of a "mint" life because I chose to define mint as being collective or a collected person. Mint could mean the mint condition of collector's items and not just a flavor of chocolate. The cameras and the person symbolizes the person's love of filming and taking pictures and collecting moments with a camera.



In Progress:

The Skills:
During this project I used pencil, pen, and ink. When I was drawing out each camera in pencil I drew it as a contour drawing. I thought of doing a contour drawing because drawing a piece that makes it rough looking seemed like a good method for the basis of the drawing. After I drew out the cameras and strips of film I used a fine point sharpie to outline the drawing. After that, I decided to use ink because I thought I could practice in that skill and also because I thought this media would fit the composition. When I was using the ink, at first the value was too dark. I fixed it by by adding more water. In this project I became more familiar with the ink media and with contour drawings.

The Risks:
For this entire project it had a lot of risks because just the idea of it was a risk. This is because I chose to do a contour drawing and ink. Concepts and media I'm not that familiar with. However, as I started with the contour drawings it turned out looking great. Then with the ink I practiced with a few strokes and tried it out on the final piece. At first the values didn't look good, but as I mixed the ink with more water the values were better and the piece was better.

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