Friday, January 10, 2014

Art IV - Proj. VIII



For my 8th project I chose the theme for "Along for the Ride." The concept I came up with was a paper boat going down a stream and a kid watching it. For the media I thought of doing it digitally since I have not done one yet. I would be using an iPad to draw out this scene because the digital finger painting of Morgan Freeman inspired me to do one. That drawing was amazing that at first I thought it was just a photo, up until I saw the video and the process the person did to make the digital painting..

Reference Photo

In Action & Results

I first drew a picture, but it had evolved compared to the original concept. It stilled had the paper boat idea and the kid but this time it focused more on the boat and it only shows a kid's rain boots, implying that it's a kid playing on a rainy day. Then as the sketch was finished, I started to use the iPad. At times I struggled on what I should do or color next but as I chose colors, everything turned out pretty good. As I saved each step and was finished, I liked seeing the progression from the pencil drawing to a more detailed piece. For future improvements maybe I'd change or make the umbrella and rain boots better or into something else.

The Process:

"A Rainy Day"

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Art IV - Proj. IX


For my 9th project I got the idea to do a watercolor painting. I haven't done a watercolor painting since Art III so I decided to practice on my skill by doing this project. I chose a photo that was a landscape because so far I haven't done a project that focused on a landscape.

Original Picture

In Action & Results

I picked out a photo that was taken during the time my family went to Myrtle Beach. I first sketched out the picture to get the general places I would paint. While I started to paint I had a watercolor book that I owned for a reference on some basics. I looked at the examples and it helped me think of the places where the paint should be lighter or darker. Picking out the colors for the building was easy but for the clouds and waves, I didn't know what to use. So I looked up some photos of how others painted the clouds and I ended up painting it kind of a gray color. For the waves I used a blue outline and for the waves I used a lighter one. For future thought I would probably put more detail to the buildings and also darker shading for some. Overall, I liked how everything turned out especially the color of the sand up to the waves and the sky as well.

the beginning

"Beach Side"

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Art IV - Proj. X


For my 10th project I did a water soluble oil painting. I didn't know what to paint at first. I thought of doing a landscape, an animal or some other concept I thought of, however, I chose to paint a picture of my family since my mom had been asking me to do a family picture. For the picture I looked up some family pictures, but the most recent was probably 2 to 3 years ago. So my mom decided to take one and that's the one I ended up using.

 the original photo

In Action & Results

In starting I first drew the image in pencil so I knew where I would paint. Once I began it looked weird to me at first since the colors did not dry as fast compared to the acrylics and it would blend to a color I wasn't going for. However, the colors that came out, turned out to be better suited for the composition. Also, as I kept going the people started to look like the picture. My painting wasn't exactly the same color as the picture and completely realistic, but as I showed my family how it looked like in progress, they said it kind of reminded them the image of the scream painting by Edvard Munch. For the colors I chose, they were based on how it looked in the image. For the background, I used solid colors so it could complement the main image.

"The Family"

The final piece to me looks really good. I thought it would not have turned out this well because I tried water soluble oil paints before and it didn't turn out the way I wanted to. If I were to do this again I would change how I painted my mom in the image because from the whole portrait my mom looks the most different from how she looked like in the image. I also, did not do the stripes on my mom's shirt because I felt like it didn't go with the piece so I decided to not put it in. Also, if I were to use this media again I would paint a landscape or some other nature scene because painting people exactly how they look like it quite difficult.