Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hundertwasser Inspired

For this project I did a piece inspired by an Austrian artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, shown by my teacher. Before starting I looked up some of his buildings he designed and some art pieces he had done to get some reference on his style of art. I learned that Hundertwasser used mainly bright colors that is illustrated in a pattern. Also, it looked like, for his drawings, it was done in free hand and not with rulers. So I decided to do my piece ruler free. I did some sketches before finally picking out the one I would do.


Throughout my project I looked at Hundertwasser's pieces to get inspiration on what else I could add to to my piece. For instance when thinking what to add for the background I thought of adding trees, but I didn't know how to draw it, so referred to one of his pieces and saw one that had trees shaped in a circle. I ended up drawing it in that style. Also, whenever I needed inspiration I would look at more pieces of the artists work, ask for advice, or just think of concepts related to my concentration and incorporate it in my work.

In Progress:

Throughout this project at times I felt like I didn't know what to add so asked my teacher and some of my classmates for some advice. This is the project where I asked for suggestions the most and that made this piece turn out to be one of my most favorite piece. For example, the building on the upper right corner I got the idea of coloring it grey, blue, and black from a classmate. She told me that it would balance the piece since there was already a warm, cool, and neutral color. Also, the horizon line at the very top and coloring the central tower and not leaving it white were some of the suggestions given and what I decided to incorporate into my piece. The horizon line made the piece look like it wasn't floating in air and the colorful tower made everything somewhat connected.

For this project I would step back and analyze this piece whenever I needed inspiration. I would look at the piece from a distance and see what would make it even better. Then, most of the time I would just add something on a whim and it would turn out looking good. But at other times I would first test it out on a sheet of paper so I would see if it would fit the art piece and so I wouldn't mess it up as well. For example, when I would decide what color to use I would first color out a small section on a scrap piece of paper and see if it would fit.

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