Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Art IV - Proj. VII


For my 7th project I chose the theme "Imagine the Impossible." I chose to use water soluble oil paint as my medium. I got my idea when I was looking around AC Moore for some inspiration. While I was looking, I found a stamp that had a design with kids. As I saw it I got an idea, my piece would focus on the kids and surrounding them is a blue background with a shooting star off in the distance. Since people usually make a wish when they see a shooting star, this would symbolize the kids hopes and dreams for the future, no matter how "out-there" it is.

The Stamp

In Action & Results

When I started I didn't have an ink pad so I used the oil paint. However, I couldn't get the stamp the way I wanted the first few tries. But as I got it I placed the background and added a cloud that was around the kids. I wanted this piece to look dream like and simplistic so it would give off a feeling of nostalgia, when people were kids and thought the impossible. I like the simplistic look and coloring of the painting. Also, the composition.

For improvements I would probably make the cloud that surrounds the kids look more better. Also, a little more detail on the shooting star and stars in the sky.

Art IV - Proj. VI


For my 6th project I did a paper sculpture. I thought of doing a piano because while I was planning my 5th project the idea came to me. The theme was "Layer it On" because I was layering paper as I was building the piano sculpture.


In Action & Results

When I began working it took a while for me to start because I didn't know how to start it. But then as I started to look at piano references that's when I was getting on a roll. First, I made a Template of the piano and then used white paper and glue to make the sculpture. At times it was hard to get the paper in the form I want but with patience of letting the glue dry the sculpture eventually looked like a piano. After I finished the piano, I was contemplating whether I should leave it white or put a black finish on it. With some advice I decided to put black by cutting a cheap black folder into a piano shape. The finished project looked really good even though this project took a little longer to do compared to my other projects.
If I were to do this again I would do the piano keys more to scale because in this one it looked too big. Another thing is that I would redo the legs of the piano since it looked crooked.

"The Piano" - title 

Here you can see the inside of the piano. I used the template to get the shape. then I cut it based on a reference picture I got. After I cut it I painted it with gold and silver. For the stand, I rolled up a black piece of paper and taped it.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Art IV - Proj. V



"Oil Pastel"


The theme was "Up Close and Personal" and I decided to draw out a flower that I had taken a picture of before. I got the idea while I was browsing my photos on my phone and saw it. Then I decided to use crayons and emphasis for my media and topic. I had cropped the photo so it would look more close. At first I couldn't decide whether or not I would use oil pastels or crayons, but as I tried out both the crayons seemed better to me.

In Action & Results

While I was drawing the flower, I changed the color of the petals to blue because it looked better to me. At first I thought this project wouldn't be good, but as I layered the colors the flower ended up looking quite realistic and kind of popped out. When I was using the crayons I couldn't believe that I could do something like this because when I was younger I never thought of using more than one shade of color so it would always look flat. But now I think I've improved from when I was younger. Then as I finished the flower I was wondering if I should keep the background the same as the photo or if I should change it. I decided to have a green background with part of another flower showing. Over all, I liked using the crayons and how everything turned out, especially the water droplets.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

3D in 2D

"Bathroom Surprise"

For this homework we were asked to use a 3D object and apply a 2D feature to it. For mine I used an item that is used for a dryer and put a straw to it to make shower curtains. For the 2D aspect I drew a lady taking a shower or bath and she's looking out, surprised. I like the part where the dryer sheet looks like the lady is actually holding on to it and that feature also gives the piece a more 3D look.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Art IV - Proj. IV




For brainstorming for this project, I chose the theme of "Skeletons." At first I couldn't think of a design since I didn't have a clue where to start. But then I came across the idea of drawing a baby and an adult skeleton. The baby would be facing a mirror and it would be showing itself older as a skeleton. This would be depicting the "circle of life" and how everyone from birth will eventually pass away. Next, I chose to use a topic which has symmetrical balance. The media used would be a pencil drawing, since I've been doing pieces with color, I wanted to do a piece in gray scale. Also, with the pencil drawing, I decided to include transparent film that would act as a mirror.

In Action & Results

When starting I drew out the frame of the mirror. I made the mirror frame the most detailed since everything else would be more simpler. I got ideas for frame designs from classmates and frame designs in my house. After the frame I drew the baby next that would be looking into the mirror and shaded it. Next I started drawing the skeleton on a separate piece of paper so I could trace it for the final piece. Then I drew some pathways that represent the various paths people take, the good and the bad and in the end time keeps going and people die. Lastly, I put the transparent film over the skeleton so it would have the feel it was a mirror. Overall, I thought the results looked really good and how the shading looked pretty good.

Life & Death

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Art IV - Proj. III


Project III. For this project the theme was "A Moment In Time." Instantly or almost instantly I thought of the picture of when my brother and I when were just babies. So I got the picture that I saw from before and used that. For the topic, it was space and for the media I chose cut paper. This is where I cut an image in a piece of paper I wanted the picture in.

Before Cutting

Cutting Mostly Finished, Only Background Pattern Needed

In Action & Results

When starting I took a picture of the picture so I could make it bigger and trace it on to the paper I was going to cut. Then as I got the picture cut, I needed more patterns or a design  surrounding the image. A classmate suggested to do something that dealt with floral since the background of the paper looked floral.


Pic to Tracing to Almost Final
 After I got a design, I cut in the places that surrounded the main focal point. Then, I put different colored pieces of paper on the back so the image could be seen more clearer. This is a piece I like because it's a moment from the past that seems so long ago and also because I like how it turned out.

Final - "Baby Dreams"

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Art VI - Proj. II

Plans & References


In this project I chose the theme "Pairs." Some of the ideas I came up with for pairs were shoes and twins. I picked the shoes idea because I got an image in my head that I wanted to create that had shoes. The image focused on the legs and shoes, which had earphones as the laces because it seemed interesting to have earphones as laces. Then, the topic I chose for it was value and the medium used were colored pencils. At first, when coloring the image I used crayola, the crayola pencils looked good, but didn't give the piece a "wow" feeling. Then as I was recommended to use prismacolor, my art work looked much better.
Crayola Only
In Action & Results

For choosing the colors, I used one color for each piece, but I also used different shades of that color. For example, the sweater on the person is green, but as you look closer, you can see the different shades of green. Then, as I completed the person, I worked towards the background, I couldn't decide what I should design for it though. I thought of doing some patterns, but then I thought that it would be too much for the piece or that it would be taking away the attention from the person. So I decided to do a light gray background and the light source is coming from the right. Over all I liked how the piece turned out.

Fancy Feet (Title)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Art IV - Proj. I


When coming up with idea I picked the theme of Mythical Creatures. I thought of creatures that I would like to draw such as a centaur, griffin, or kitsune (spirit fox). I decided to go with the kitsune. Along with the Kitsune I added a man playing a flute in the forest. The idea I was thinking of was the fox and man would have some close friendship like that of a man and his dog. After I got the idea I looked up reference photos that would help me out when painting. Next I needed to pick a topic and a media. I chose texture as the topic and acrylic paint with some fine point sharpie. After the planning, executing it was next.


I started by getting the canvas and sketching the idea on it first so I would know where to paint certain things. Then, I used blue, yellow, red, and white acrylic to make the colors for my painting. At first it lacked dimension and the right color values. But with the advise from my classmates and teachers I adjusted the painting, used some sharpie to outline certain parts of the fox and man so they can be distinguishable and here's the final product. I thought it turned out pretty good, I liked the texture in the background, the tree, and fox.

Mystic Sound

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Print on a Prepared Surface
Multiple Print

In this assignment we made multiple prints. I decided to make a design of a pocket watch falling with leaves. I used many different kinds of printing ink as I was printing.There were many prints I ended up making, but the one shown is just one of them.

Medium: Printing Ink and Construction paper

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ceramic Bust

Front View - Ceramic Bust before Color was added

Angled View

This is the ceramic bust I made of pilot elf. The inspiration artist for the ceramic bust is Robert Arneson. I had first started by making a sketch of the bust I would be doing and then I worked with the clay. It was kind of difficult forming the facial features that I wanted, but I got close to it. I added goggles on his head and a jacket so it would look more like a pilot. Later, I added some color to the sculpture. I chose colors that would make the sculpture realistic.

Altered Book



Hidden Message
Cover Page

These are some of the drawings and paintings I did in my altered book. In my altered book, I painted, drew, scratched and such on it for the various assignments we had. One of the assignments was to draw something and make a hidden message using the words in or surrounding the drawing. Another one was to design the cover and the back of the book.

Museum Sketches

The assignment was to draw sketches of some of the sculptures I saw in NCMA. The sculptures were from Rodin. Rodin's sculptures were amazing to look at because of how realistic they were. Also, when I went to the museum I saw many other works of art that were  magnificent to look at as well.

Designed Letter - Calligraphy

Colored Letter                       Original Design
For this project I designed a letter. The arrows and circles form the letter "J." After designing, I scanned the image to Photoshop and added color and gradients to the letter.


In this assignment I practiced calligraphy. I had a sheet that showed how to write each letter. It helped me with each stroke I should be using for each letter. It was kind of hard performing the strokes but as I kept practicing it got easier.

Scratch Board

Photoshop Image
For this piece I took a photograph of what I would be scratching. I used a scratching tool and a scratch board for this project. In this project we were practicing value by scratching away the area that would be white and left the areas that were dark, dark. Later, I used Photoshop to add some color to enhance the image and by using the opacity, it allowed me to use many different colors on top of one another. The outcomes for the projects were pretty good.

Medium :  scratchboard
Scratch Board

Gesture Drawings

For this project I drew some of my classmates that had modeled. I positioned them in different grounds so it looks like some of the models are further from each other. I used different colored markers for each person so there would be more color in the piece. After using the markers I  used water colors and india ink. I decided to not color the whole piece black  because I thought it looked better that way.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finger Painting Self-Portrait

 In this assignment we made a self portrait by finger painting. First we set up our paper by making it have some texture. (we used house paint for setting up the paper) Then, we made a grid, so it would be more easy to know how and where to paint. When I began to paint it felt kind of strange panting with my fingers, but as I kept painting I got used to it and enjoyed it.
The colors I used were mainly different shades of blue and yellow. The outcome of the project was pretty good, I could have done a better job on picking the colors for the light and dark areas.

Photography using a Filter



For this project I took the photo I used in the Resolution contest I had entered in the Fall of 2012. I used Photoshop and tried some filters, but this one in particular looked like it suited the photo. The filter made the image look more "dark," which helped portray the theme I was going for. Since the theme I entered for the Resolution contest was the reality of being hacked, the filter helped show that.

To check out my entry go to http://www.resolutionstudio.org/gallery-fall-2012/contestant-amancinaya-jusi-fall-2012/


For this assignment we were asked to use a scanner and make any image that we wanted. In this assignment, I gathered up some beads, opened the scanner I own and moved the beads while the scanner was scanning, which gave this effect. While I was scanning I was trying to make it look like the beads were moving. The beads and my hands look like they were deformed and moving, but even though the outcome of the scan was unusual, it intrigued me because of the unusual shapes formed.