Friday, October 25, 2013

Art IV - Proj. V



"Oil Pastel"


The theme was "Up Close and Personal" and I decided to draw out a flower that I had taken a picture of before. I got the idea while I was browsing my photos on my phone and saw it. Then I decided to use crayons and emphasis for my media and topic. I had cropped the photo so it would look more close. At first I couldn't decide whether or not I would use oil pastels or crayons, but as I tried out both the crayons seemed better to me.

In Action & Results

While I was drawing the flower, I changed the color of the petals to blue because it looked better to me. At first I thought this project wouldn't be good, but as I layered the colors the flower ended up looking quite realistic and kind of popped out. When I was using the crayons I couldn't believe that I could do something like this because when I was younger I never thought of using more than one shade of color so it would always look flat. But now I think I've improved from when I was younger. Then as I finished the flower I was wondering if I should keep the background the same as the photo or if I should change it. I decided to have a green background with part of another flower showing. Over all, I liked using the crayons and how everything turned out, especially the water droplets.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

3D in 2D

"Bathroom Surprise"

For this homework we were asked to use a 3D object and apply a 2D feature to it. For mine I used an item that is used for a dryer and put a straw to it to make shower curtains. For the 2D aspect I drew a lady taking a shower or bath and she's looking out, surprised. I like the part where the dryer sheet looks like the lady is actually holding on to it and that feature also gives the piece a more 3D look.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Art IV - Proj. IV




For brainstorming for this project, I chose the theme of "Skeletons." At first I couldn't think of a design since I didn't have a clue where to start. But then I came across the idea of drawing a baby and an adult skeleton. The baby would be facing a mirror and it would be showing itself older as a skeleton. This would be depicting the "circle of life" and how everyone from birth will eventually pass away. Next, I chose to use a topic which has symmetrical balance. The media used would be a pencil drawing, since I've been doing pieces with color, I wanted to do a piece in gray scale. Also, with the pencil drawing, I decided to include transparent film that would act as a mirror.

In Action & Results

When starting I drew out the frame of the mirror. I made the mirror frame the most detailed since everything else would be more simpler. I got ideas for frame designs from classmates and frame designs in my house. After the frame I drew the baby next that would be looking into the mirror and shaded it. Next I started drawing the skeleton on a separate piece of paper so I could trace it for the final piece. Then I drew some pathways that represent the various paths people take, the good and the bad and in the end time keeps going and people die. Lastly, I put the transparent film over the skeleton so it would have the feel it was a mirror. Overall, I thought the results looked really good and how the shading looked pretty good.

Life & Death

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Art IV - Proj. III


Project III. For this project the theme was "A Moment In Time." Instantly or almost instantly I thought of the picture of when my brother and I when were just babies. So I got the picture that I saw from before and used that. For the topic, it was space and for the media I chose cut paper. This is where I cut an image in a piece of paper I wanted the picture in.

Before Cutting

Cutting Mostly Finished, Only Background Pattern Needed

In Action & Results

When starting I took a picture of the picture so I could make it bigger and trace it on to the paper I was going to cut. Then as I got the picture cut, I needed more patterns or a design  surrounding the image. A classmate suggested to do something that dealt with floral since the background of the paper looked floral.


Pic to Tracing to Almost Final
 After I got a design, I cut in the places that surrounded the main focal point. Then, I put different colored pieces of paper on the back so the image could be seen more clearer. This is a piece I like because it's a moment from the past that seems so long ago and also because I like how it turned out.

Final - "Baby Dreams"