Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The Creation:
For this project it was inspired by a steampunk design. Since the item that would be turned into a steampunk design was organic I thought of using an apple. I came up with the idea of using an apple because for my concentration I was focusing on a "dark" life. And in Snow White the apple symbolized the darkness that ended up harming Snow White. So I thought that this would be the perfect idea. One picture was the definite source of my pieces' creation because once I saw it I could see my drawing turn into reality.


In Progress:

Global Awareness:
This piece was inspired by the steampunk style. Steampunk has been a very popular style in the 21st century. Throughout the nation and the world there have been many conventions and art pieces that has this steampunk aspect. Even movies such as Iron Man is demonstrating this pop culture event. As you look through my drawing you can see the mechanical and color aspects of steampunk embedded in the hand and the apple. To have a better understanding of steampunk I looked through some images online so I could draw the gears and other mechanical pieces better.

Before I started the piece I got the basic image I wanted to create. Then as I started I would at times test out techniques and colors, but when I know a certain method would look good in the piece I just drew it in. For instance, the stitches I drew in the hand were just added because I felt like something was missing on the hand's palm. This idea turned out well because it made the hand have more of a mechanical feel. Also, when I was drawing out my piece, I would stop working and look at the piece and find some inspiration that I could incorporate. For the hand especially because how the hand turns out looking either can make the piece bad or great. So at those moments that I took a step back, I looked at references to see other gears and mechanical parts that would make the hand look better. Another thing was that I would analyze if the colors I use and envision if that color would strengthen the piece.

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