Thursday, January 9, 2014

Art IV - Proj. IX


For my 9th project I got the idea to do a watercolor painting. I haven't done a watercolor painting since Art III so I decided to practice on my skill by doing this project. I chose a photo that was a landscape because so far I haven't done a project that focused on a landscape.

Original Picture

In Action & Results

I picked out a photo that was taken during the time my family went to Myrtle Beach. I first sketched out the picture to get the general places I would paint. While I started to paint I had a watercolor book that I owned for a reference on some basics. I looked at the examples and it helped me think of the places where the paint should be lighter or darker. Picking out the colors for the building was easy but for the clouds and waves, I didn't know what to use. So I looked up some photos of how others painted the clouds and I ended up painting it kind of a gray color. For the waves I used a blue outline and for the waves I used a lighter one. For future thought I would probably put more detail to the buildings and also darker shading for some. Overall, I liked how everything turned out especially the color of the sand up to the waves and the sky as well.

the beginning

"Beach Side"

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